Looking Forward to Discrete Mathematics

A short PDF and a January course

For one of my math classes this semester (Sets and Topology), we had a short project: a three-to-five page paper on some area in mathematics. I opted for discrete mathematics, which is a topic on the broad side; five pages, of course.

The target audience was supposed to be other students in the course, and the paper should help students decide whether they would pursue the given area of mathematics.

I found this project surprisingly pleasant. Here’s a link to the paper.

Course assisting

I’m going to be a course assistant for a one-week winter break course on discrete math. I’m very excited to return this year to teach, having been a student of the course last year.It’s a fast-paced, active learning course that covers 10 modules (topics), two per day. I’ll be preparing and presenting the logic module. I’ve recently been converted into a believer for active learning.

Discrete math!