Automatically Generating Anki Cloze Cards from Reverso

Published on 17 November 2022

I’ve recently released a tool that I’ve personally been using (hoarding) for ten months to generate Anki language cards given only a list of terms. The Anki Reverso Cloze Generator uses Reverso in order to pull example sentences and create cloze cards.

Here are some examples of cards that can be generated using this script.

Example card front

Front of card

Example card back

Back of card

At the time of writing, I’ve generated about 7000 cards in Russian and 3000 cards in Italian. Using addons like AwesomeTTS and FawsImageSearch, it’s easy to get some really nice cards with audio and images on them.

More detailed instructions can be found at the Github repository. It requires basic knowledge of how to run a command in the command line. Feel free to make any suggestions using a GitHub issue or the comment section below.