This article contains bus directions based on my travels in Albania in August 2015. Durres is a coastal city around thirty minutes away, containing ferries to Italy and beaches.

Schkoder is a historical city around 1.25 to 1.75 hours away, depending on traffic. It is a northern border city with bus transfers to Ulcinj, Montenegro.

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御狀元烤肉飯 (yu zhuang yuan kao rou fan) (“Emperor’s Best Barbecue Pork and Rice” – not sure if that’s the correct translation) is a meat and rice joint in Taipei near Taipei Main Station.

This was my favorite place to eat in Taiwan. I worked near Taipei Main Station and would eat here three to four days a week – for lunch and dinner on some days. It’s extremely cheap and very tasty for meat and rice (and egg and vegetable) lovers.

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