Couchsurfing is a site that connects travelers to local hosts in a city. As long as both the traveler and host agree, the traveler stays with the host free of charge. Although the traveler stays for free, experienced couchsurfers don’t view the site as a way to find free lodging but instead as an opportunity to spend time with a local.

I usually try to Couchsurf when I travel, though it’s not always possible depending on the popularity of the destination. At the time of writing, I’ve stayed with about ten hosts through my travels.

This post is targeted towards people who are curious about using Couchsurfing as a guest but unsure what to expect from the experience.

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Last updated: June 2018

This post describes how to get from Agra, India, to New Delhi, India. It focuses on how to get to the airport in the same day, though all of the advice applies more generally to getting from one city to the other.

While attending a wedding in Agra, I had to get from Agra to Delhi in the same day in order to catch a 14:00 flight. The distance from Agra to Delhi is quite large (3-5 hour drive depending on traffic), so I did some research on the most economical methods of reaching the Delhi airport. This is a summary of my research that will hopefully help other travelers evaluate their options.

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This article contains bus directions based on my travels in Albania in August 2015. Durres is a coastal city around thirty minutes away, containing ferries to Italy and beaches.

Schkoder is a historical city around 1.25 to 1.75 hours away, depending on traffic. It is a northern border city with bus transfers to Ulcinj, Montenegro.

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御狀元烤肉飯 (yu zhuang yuan kao rou fan) (“Emperor’s Best Barbecue Pork and Rice” – not sure if that’s the correct translation) is a meat and rice joint in Taipei near Taipei Main Station.

This was my favorite place to eat in Taiwan. I worked near Taipei Main Station and would eat here three to four days a week – for lunch and dinner on some days. It’s extremely cheap and very tasty for meat and rice (and egg and vegetable) lovers.

I have a travel-related YouTube channel on life in Taiwan. Subscribe!

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