Transportation from Tirana to Ulcinj / Budva / Kotor

Published on 1 September 2015

This article describes directions from Tirana, Albania to Ulcinj / Budva / Kotor, Montenegro by bus, based on my travels in August 2015. It is possible to start early and arrive in Kotor by the afternoon, but be prepared to wake up early to ride four buses.

I caught the first bus at 7:00 and arrived in Kotor around 14:00.

Leg 1: Tirana to Schkoder

Duration: about 1.25 hrs to 1.75 hrs, depending on traffic

Fare: 500 lek (about €2)

See the Tirana to Schkoder article.

Leg 2: Schkoder to Ulcinj

Duration: About 1.25 hours, depending on border control

Fare: €5

The buses (vans) are near the fountain at the city center. Ask around for Schkoder if nobody is shouting, or ask the driver from Tirana. I asked the driver from Tirana, who showed me to the next van. The driver leaves at 9:00, sitting at a cafe and chatting with his friends before then.

Ask the Schkoder-Ulcinj driver to drop you off at the bus stop. The rest is easy – Montenegro has much more signage for its bus system than Albania does.

Don’t forget to have your passport ready for border control!

Below is the location of the buses in Schkoder.

Leg 3: Ulcinj to Budva

Duration: 1.25 hours

Fare: €7

According to possibly-outdated information from the internet, there are only two buses direct from Ulcinj to Kotor in a day. It may be possible to catch a bus directly to Kotor; otherwise, head to Budva.

An alternative option is to go from Ulcinj to Bar, but buses from Bar to Kotor are less frequent.

I’m not sure about the precise schedule, but buses from Ulcinj to Budva should be fairly frequent. I arrived from Ulcinj five minutes before a bus was leaving for Budva.

Leg 4: Budva to Kotor

Duration: 1.25 hours

Fare: €3

From Budva, buses leave to Kotor every thirty minutes.


500 lek + €5 + €7 + €3 = €18

This is much cheaper than the “direct transfer service” offered by Montenegro Hostel from Tirana to Kotor (€35).

Last updated: August 2015